ULGMC 50th Anniversary

From ULGMC Newsletter no. 188, August 2000

50th Anniversary of ULGMC!

63 members and guests (including 9 foundermembers) celebrated the Club's 50th Anniversary at the Alpine Club on 20th May, 50 years to the day after it began. Phil Williams, first President, proposed the toast, and John Burrows, Laura Hampton and Geoff Williams also regaled us with tales of earlier exploits and equipment. Everyone did justice to the excellent buffet and wine, organised by Mike and Jill Bennett. A splendid cake complete with Club colours, badge, and decorated with boots, map, ice axe etc was ceremoniously cut and distributed. Copies of the Club history which Jill had compiled (see below) were handed out to mark the occasion. The noise level of conversation indicated that everyone enjoyed the evening it was a memorable way of marking the Club's events and membership. Start planning now for the 75th!