Meets FAQ

General info

Members of ULGMC are welcome on meets and are allowed to invite guests and prospective members. All you need to do is email the meet leader or, if no contact details are publicly available, email the Meets Secretary.

We strongly encourage car sharing and the meet leader can usually help put people in contact with each other.

To give you an idea of what a typical ULGMC meet is like, we've published some reports of previous meets we have run here.

Caseg and Fallcliffe Meets

Caseg Fraith is in the heart of Snowdonia, just a few minutes from Capel Curig and Fallcliffe Cottage is just outside Hathersage in the Peak District. Details of the huts including directions are here.

Cost per night: Current hut fees can be found here.

Food: Sometimes we cook evening meals communally (dependant on volunteers!). Each meal usually works out between £2-6.

Kit: You will need a sleeping bag and pillow to stay in the huts.

Parking: Caseg Fraith has very restrictive parking arrangements as part of our lease. Thus, you will usually receive a parking permit from the hut booking secretary or the meet leader before your stay. This will be accompanied with info about where to park. It is very important that you do not park at Caseg without a permit. If there are fewer than 8 cars in the car park, you may unload there without a permit but you must move on immediately.

Parking at Fallcliffe is less restrictive, but the car park is quite small, fitting around 4-6 cars. So please car share if possible and tell the meet leader if you are planning to drive.

Other Meets

Cost per night vary. Email the meet leader or Meets Secretary for details.