Joining the club

You can join the club if you are either:

You are welcome to come along to any of our meets without being a member, to see what they are like and if you want to join us. Just get in touch with the meets secretary who can put you in contact with the meet leader.

Membership Application

Fill in the form below to apply. The membership secretary will contact you about payment of membership fees (currently £20 for single and £35 for joint/family UK membership, which includes BMC liability insurance, or £6.75/£8.50 for non-UK membership, which does not include BMC liability insurance). Or print out and fill in an application form and mail it to the membership secretary (address on form). Go to the members area if you want to renew your subscription.

The Data Protection Act requires us to tell you that, if elected, the information on this form will be held on the club’s electronic membership list.

Section 1

This information will be used to identify you to the BMC. Your name, telephone number and email will be shared with other members on the private area of our website.
Your first name
Your surname
Your date or year of birth
Partner's first name
Partner's surname
Partner's date or year of birth
Telephone No
Type of membership required
Single Joint/Family
Children, under 18 years, of ULGMC family members resident in the UK are not covered by the BMC liability insurance unless paid for separately. As an option, they may be covered for a fee of £8 per child. If you wish, please list the name(s) and age(s) of any child(ren) under the age of 18 to be covered.

Section 2

The following information will be used, as laid out here, on address labels for the club and BMC to communicate with you. This information is also shared with other members on the private area of our website.
Newsletters will be sent by e-mail.

Section 3a

Unless you are a graduate, post graduate or a member of staff of a University of London college or an ex-ULMC member you need to be nominated by two current members of the club. Your application will then be forwarded to the committee for consideration. You are welcome to attend any club meets on a trial basis to obtain the required nominations.
Name of nominee 1
Membership no. of Nominee 1 (if known)
Name of nominee 2
Membership no. of Nominee 2 (if known)

Section 3b

Enter details of any Degree(s) from the University of London that you hold

Section 3c

Enter details of any current connection with the University of London
Course or Post

Section 4

Please outline below your mountaineering experience including any ULGMC, ULMC, College mountaineering club or other club memberships and meets attended.

Section 5

How did you learn of ULGMC?
Any other comments?
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By Cheque By internet banking
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