ULGMC Cairngorms Mini-Expedition 2013

4 days walking, 3 nights wild camping in the Cairngorms National Park

Dates: 16-20th May 2013

Location: Blair Atholl to Aviemore, Cairngorms


The Plan

Get sleeper from London/Crewe to Blair Atholl on Thursday 16th May,
arriving Friday morning (0628), walk Friday 17th, Saturday 18th,
Sunday 19th, Monday 20th, to Cairngorm ski centre, get bus (or taxi)
to Aviemore, then have dinner in Aviemore before getting the sleeper
home (2131).

So you get 4 days of Scottish walking for only 2 days of holiday
allowance! (if you're keen enough to go to work on Tuesday (sleeper
gets back to London at 0747))

There are low level (valleys: Glen Tilt, Lairig Ghru) and high level
(up to 8 Munros) options, the "campsites" are similar for both options
so we can pick and choose depending on weather/feet etc. If it's truly
vile we can probably do the low option in 2 days and spend 2 days
staying somewhere dry in Aviemore daywalking.


The Details:

Click here for an excel file with route, logistics, *estimated* costs
 etc., and below for .tcx files of the two

suggested route options (low and high) which you can load into here.

(right click to save)

Low res .tcx file
High res .tcx file

Also, similar routes discussed here:
Route 1
Route 2
Route 3

Sleeper tickets can be booked up to 12 weeks in advance, with a new
week starting on Friday morning (I think), so you can book from Friday
22nd Feb for Thursday the 16th May, and from Friday 1st March for
Monday 20th May. The number of 'bargain berths' - prices starting at
£19 single are limited, prices then vary up to a max of ~£98, with £66
being the most common price, as far as I can tell. The inclusive
sleepers are the ones with bed symbols, the ones with the bed and “+”
symbols are services where you purchase the sleeper berth separately.

Sounds like fun? If so, 3 questions:

1) Are you fit enough? Whatever route we do it'll involve 57- 70 km of
walking over the 4 days, terrain will vary from decent track, to
footpath, to (probably) bog, and there will be at least one river
crossing. A pack with camping kit and food & fuel for 4 days is likely
to weigh somewhere around 20 kg.

2)Are you happy wild camping for 4 days? No showers, no loos (apart
from one at the Corrour bothy:
no civilisation, no internet!!

3) Do you have or can you beg/borrow/steal the necessary kit
(obviously a lot will depend on what the weather's doing, but probably
a good idea to plan for rain, snow, sun, and temperatures ranging from
-5 to +25 C) :

Essentials(ish) - all down to personal judgement:
Rucksack to carry everything (probably 50+ litres)
Sleeping bag (in theory it shouldn't be too cold in May, but will
probably be <10C overnight, unless there's snow, in which case it's
going to be a fun trip)
Sleeping mat
Water bottles (at least 2 l capacity)
Comfy walking boots
At least 2 sets of walking socks (see bog & river crossing comments above)
Thermals (top + bottom)
Fleece (at least 2)
Waterproofs (top and bottom)
Hats and gloves
Mug/Plate/Spork (whatever you prefer)
Head torch
Wash kit
Small 1st aid kit/ Compeed

Other (even more voluntary) stuff:
Swim suit
Light sandals (to make river crossing nicer)
Walking poles
Mobile phone

Communal gear:
Stove, fuel, pans
Tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Still sounds like fun?
If so please contact the meets secretary.
You could just turn up unannounced if you've got your food/tent etc
sorted, but if you want to be more sociable then let us know:
a) who you are
b) if you have a tent, then what it is & if you'd be prepared to share
(and if you already have plans of who you'd like to share with),
c) ditto stove
d) what communal meals do you want in on (4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3
dinners) and any suggestions/preferences.

If you would like to share tents/stoves/food with others, please confirm your attendance no later than the 1st of April.

See you in Scotland!


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